My Real Estate packages are a high-quality but basic way to showcase a property. The number of photos for a typical Real Estate property shoot will vary depending on the size of the property but generally average three per room.

Scheduling of the property is done on an earliest-availability basis.

  • < 1499 sq. ft.: $250*

  • 1500-1999 sq. ft.: $270*

  • 2000-2499 sq. ft.: $340*

  • 2500-2999 sq. ft.: $370

  • 3000-3499 sq. ft.: $435

  • 3500-3999 sq. ft.: $475

  • 4000-4499 sq. ft.: $540

  • 4500-5000 sq. ft.: $570

  • 5000 sq. ft.+: Starting at $625

Dusk Exterior Photos: $250 ... The Dusk Exterior Photo is a high-impact way to show off a property by photographing it during a very narrow window at dusk. Auxiliary lighting is included as needed to add impact.

* Please note: Additional costs will be required for photographing features such as farm buildings or community amenities.


My Architectural and Commercial offering is perfect for showcasing a signature property or for a portfolio. Architectural Photography is performed on a day rate basis. I deliver the highest level of detail and quality with significant retouching and post-processing performed on all images as needed. By scheduling in advance, you can take advantage of specific lighting or seasonal conditions. Includes commercial usage rights.

Architectural & Commercial rate is $250 per hour.